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Kenn Gordon

Kenn Gordon has been around for quite a number of years as a gigging musician, luthier and author. Kenn started out on his long musical career way back in 1968 with his first paid gig. Around the same period he began making instruments with a dulcimer then he moved over to making guitars. He joined the military at the age of 18 and worked within several top secret bases. He still played guitar in a professional capacity and made more instruments. Leaving the military after almost a decade he continued to play in bands and  record albums. Kenn switched from playing country music in the 1990's and went over to Celtic Folk Rock, in his Irish Rebel Band aptly named 1916. It was with this band that he gained success albeit towards the end of his musical career. The pressure of playing and touring as well as making bespoke instruments for his guitar company "Gordon Guitars" proved to much and multiple heart attacks followed. So Kenn laid down the guitar and picked up the pen. When he first started out on this road it was to write a single novel. That novel "Altered Perceptions" was to become 4 full length military thrillers. They were rapidly followed by 3 crime thrillers and a host of other books. He is mpst proud of his Biographical book on "The House & Clan Gordon" simply entitled BYDAND

Can has written 16 books and recorded over 60 albums with the bands and musicians that he played with over 50 years. He still writes and records music for others to use. When asked when he will retire? he said not yet!

Kenn acheived a BA in Music (Instrument Theory and Construction) Kenn along with his wife became Lord & Lady Gordon of West Culloden in 2011. This is a feudal title and apart from having the ranks associated with the land it offers no powers other than those who use the land.

Lord and Lady Kenneth & Susan Gordon

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