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I grew up in the Highlands of Scotland and I became a musician while still at School. Then I made my first musical instrument at the age of just 13 years, an Appalachian Dulcimer. I joined the Royal Air Force at the age of 18. I served for 9 years. I worked at many of our secret establishments. During my military career, I continued to play in bands, as well as to write music. When time would allow, I made guitars for myself, although most of these ended up in my friends hands rather than mine. I have been fortunate enough to have recorded 32 albums. Most of these albums were with my Irish Rebel Band, aptly named ‘1916’.

I later formed my own company making bespoke guitars (Gordon Guitars UK) The pressure of running so many ventures simultaneously eventually took its toll and a series of heart attacks followed. So I looked for a new and more sedate way to direct my creative juices and writing thrillers fitted that bill perfectly.

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My first Novel entitled Altered Perceptions :- Combines the creation of Andy McPhee and Team Seven with a super fast paced thriller. Set around a new biological weapon created by CDE Porton Down. Andy McPhee and Team Seven are part of an undercover Black Ops section of the UK's Secret Intelligence Services. Set mostly in the Highlands of Scotland and the North Atlantic. This is a fact based thriller

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My second Novel :- The Return Of Seven This time Team Seven must chase down a weapon so heinous that it should never have been made. The Neo Nazi organisation has managed to obtain this weapon from an arms dealer in the Ukraine. This fast paced thriller will see Team Seven go from the Highlands of Scotland to rescue a family being held captive in the infamous  death camp Kwalliso 22 in North Korea before the climax set on the tiny Faeroe Island of Fugloy 

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My third novel :-  Dead End. Once again Team Seven of SIS must go to war. Andy McPhee and his team must first find out who has taken their close friend and head of SIS. They will do battle in the rolling green fields of Buckinghamshire in the Chiltern Hundreds of England. They will literall search the world before battling with private military contractors employed by the USA's CIA. There is no stone that will be left unturned. and there will be revenge carried out in the most brutal of fashions. This os not just a mission for the UK's Secret Intelligence Services. This time it is personal. and People will die. A lot of people will die!"

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IF OUTSIDE THE UK EMAIL kenn.gordon@yahoo.com for Books      This will be my fourth Thriller Covid-19 The Alternate Ending

Like the other Andy McPhee and Team Seven books, this novel is a mixture of both fact and fiction. I prefer to call this genre ‘Faction’. So any similarity to people in real life, is purely coincidental. Names and places may have been changed to protect the innocent. Based on the pandemic of 2020. Who has created it and for what reason. Who will benefit from the worlds population going into lockdown. This final novel of Andy McPhee and Team Seven will once again see the team travel the globe. At times brutal and definitely fact based. Will the world end????

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My fifth novel :-The Yellow Jacket

Is my first horror come thriller the book like many of my others involves CDE/MRC Porton Down. Someone is slowly killing of members of staff at the Medical Research Centre and they are doing in a horrific way. The task falls to Detective Chief Inspector Jack Hamilton of the Swindon Police although this tale will take him down to London. He has to go against his own Boss and butt heads with CDE Porton, MI5, MI6 and GCHQ none of whom seem to want him to solve the case

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The Original Poster Boy Charles Chaplin

(A short History of Chaplin Movies)

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9/11 The fire Fighters Remembered (ebook)

(A dedication to those brave men who fought to save others)

In Audio format and Ebook

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Everything you ever wanted to know about the Gordon Clans (inc House Of Gordon) The battles, the Scottish Regiment The Gordon Highlanders, their battles and campaigns. The Victoria Cross won by them. Then notable Gordons throughout history and to modern times.

A Must for anyone researching the name of Gordon

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So You Want To Be A Professional Musician

This a self satirical book about my time as a Professional Musician

It covers my childhood travelling the world as a military brat and then my own life in the military. Looking back on my 45 years playing around the world in al genres of music. I warn of the pitfalls that will beset a touring musician. The life of a working musician is not all hotels and glamour much of it is sweaty and fraught with arguments both inside and outside of the band. Sometimes funny always truthful. My Biography

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Gordon's Preserves are hand made from start to finish.

We only use the finest ingredients and only make them in small batches in order to keep our quality high. Unlike other manufacturers there are NO artificial additives NO artificial colours. NO artificial flavours. What you see on the side of the jar is exact;y what you will find inside the jar


Oranges, Sugar, Lemon, water with a splash of                     

The Famous Grouse 


Nectarines, Sugar, Water and a splash of Amaretto



Oranges, Stem Ginger, Sugar, Water 


Plums, Sugar, Water and a splash of Cherry Brandy


Apricots, Sugar, Lemon, Water and a splash of

Havana Club


Limes, Sugar, Water



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