For the better part of 45 years Kenn Gordon made bespoke guitar under the brand name Gordon Guitars. A few of these guitars which were only used for show are now available to buy at greatly reduced prices.

JZM18 Jazz guitar
This guitar was made by Kenn as a homage to the Musima Record guitar of the 1950's 
The guitar is totally hand made from start to finish. This though is a wolf in sheep's clothing nothing about the guitar is as it first seems.
It is 18" wide and 7.5" deep
Back is made from three slabs of wood glued together and then carved to give this Highly decorative back made out of AAAAA Flamed maple/60 year old Hondura Mahognay/AAAAA Flamed maple
The sides are made from solid maple
The top is made in the same way as the back except that is is made from Sitka Spruce/60 year old Hondura Mahogany/ Sitka Spruce (The Spruce and the Maple are made from 25 year old timbers
The neck is made from 3 pieces of AAAAA flame maple. and is set into the body with a full hidden dovetail joint.
The finger board is made from 120 year old indian Ebony
The headstock has a full volute to the rear and has a faceplate made from 120 year old Ebony
All the binding to this guitar is made from Mahogany/bleached maple/Ebony
All the inlays are made from genuine Mother of pearl
The Bridge is custom made for this guitar  from Brazilian rosewood as is the tailstock
24 frets (on a Jazz guitar amazing) a blisteringly low action that any shredder would love
Benedetto Mini Jazz Humbucker fixed to the neck and to the solid flamed maple pickguard
Locking Self Trimming Tuners by Planet wave
Then we really get to talk about that custom made bridge. Inset into each rosewood saddle is a Piezo pickup, which is tuned to the resonance of each string for the PERFECT acoustic sound. Then there is a toggle switch that turns that sound into a Dark deep bodied acoustic
There are midi guitars around and there have been for years the reason they never really caught on is because they all suffer with the same problem LAG between the player hitting the string and the midi signal being sent to the sound source. Gordon Guitars CURED that problem. Rather then using a Hex Pickup that midi had traditionally used Gordon Guitars used micro vibration from the sound Table and Bridge. Instant signal for midi NO LAG
so we have a Jazz guitar that is great for EVERYTHING and all sound
Each sound can be played individually Magnetic Pickup/Acoustic Pickup/Midi or ANY combination you chose including all at the same time 
and then of course it looks FANTASTIC and PLAYS AMAZINGLY
it took 18 months to make and has over £1500 worth of hardware onboard
it was £9,000 now just £6000
come and try it! 
This guitar is made from mahogany with a long tenon one piece set neck. This has been sculpted back to allow full and unfettered access to all 24 jumbo frets set into it Indian ebony fingerboard. The carved top with full German carving to the leading edge make this a beautiful instrument to look at. Then there is the custom metallic flake paint job in emerald green. This guitar was the last prototype that I made. It has a slim and fast neck with a full volute to the base of the headstock as you would find on all Gordon Guitars. There are no scarf joins to ruin the continuity of the neck line or tone. The headstock has Planet Wave Locking self trimming tuners. The black face of the headstock is inlaid with the Gordon Guitars Logo in Mother of Pearl. Bone nut and a Zero fret allow for an incredible low action all the wat up to the 24th fret. Loaded with a pair of Gibson Classic Humbuckers including custom chrome covers and surrounds. Tuneomatic bridge and standard stoptail. Chrome covered solid brass control knobs for that classy feel. This plays better than a Gibson but still has all the grunt that you would expect from their Humbuckers. Hand made without the use of CNC cutting machines. A true Custom one off and only the second Custom Shop guitar that I made. Originall Price was £1999 on sale for £999 
(c) Kenn Gordon 2021
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